Meddon Green is a 4.2 acre Local Nature Reserve, located at the edge of our village in Meddon, Devon. It consists of unimproved Culm grassland (which is a UK priority habitat) surrounded by hazel coppice. The reserve is owned by Hartland Parish Council and was declared in 2007. The site contains many typical culm grassland plants including Southern Marsh Orchid and Greater Bird's-foot Trefoil.
Volunteers have cleared much willow scrub from the site prior to getting the site fenced and grazed. The two photos below were taken by Trudie Kerr, (a long-time Meddon Green volunteer). Recent management of the vegetation (April 2017) by a group of volumteers, led by Tom Hynes of North Devon Biosphere has made a huge difference to access in the run up to the Summer months. Grant applications to allow us to rake the pond, improve the entrance, create an information notice, install benches and a side-gate and fit a cattle trough have been successful (a big 'thank-you' to TARKA WILDLIFE TRUST, 'AWARDS FOR ALL' , GRANTSCAPE and EAST YOULSTONE WIND TURBINE COMMUNITY BENEFIT TRUST for assistance and funding, and we are also most grateful to Hartland Parish Council for their continuing support). We hope to return the Reserve to the way it looked in the third picture below, some years ago when the ponds weren't so overgrown! We had some of Brian and Wendy's cattle (necessary to promote the characteristic Culm grassland wildlife) grazing for a few days this summer. In the short time they were on the site, they've made a significant start on returning the land to how it should be. There should be a cumulative positive effect of grazing in the comming summers.

Our bat-walk 30th August 2017 was a great success - 40 grown-ups and children came and most of them enjoyed a hot drink and flapjack at teh Hall afterwards!