Morsbagging days are usually 3rd Friday in the month
check us out on facebook 'Meddon Morsbaggers' to confirm session
10.30am - 3.30pm at the Hall - just drop in
 We appreciate that many people prefer to stitch in their own home
and we are happy to provide pre-cut kits  to facilitate this. Please contact us:
via 'Meddon Morsbaggers' on Facebook
or, or through the Hall contacts.
Many thanks for all your donations of sewing machines and fabric. By the Hall AGM in April 2018, 2000 bags had been made in Meddon (1727 groups have made a total of 268,626 Morsbags, worldwide as at 2.4.18). We have enough donated fabric just now to last us for a number of months - certainly well into the second half of 2017. It is stitchers we are short of now, so do turn up to the Hall sessions or get in touch for instruction to get started and pre-cut kits if you fancy it! We supply Welcombe Shop, Welcombe Pottery, The Dan Britton Concert, several beach cleans, and Welcombe Fete.